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Saturday 23rd February

Monday, February 25th, 2013

BA disorganised at MAN – an earlier flight had a big delay so all the check-in staff were being used to rebook passengers onto later flights, including ours. It therefore took a long time to check in. Eventually flew back to Heathrow (en route the CSM used her Ipad all the way though take off and landing)  and took the pod to the business parking (just as a treat!). Then onto the Hilton at Newbury (North) where an efficient but not welcoming receptionist checked us in. Room had been refurbished to a good standard but this made the unrefurbished bathroom stand out somewhat. Out to the local Toby carvery and back to the room for a lazy night in. The same receptionist checked us out with the same display of happiness.

Friday 22nd February

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Second attempt this year to get Manchester after the first was affected by snow and we landed back at Gatwick. Flight was a bit late but not too bad, although there were some quite obnoxious passengers on board who, on landing pushed people out of their way to get their luggage and then pushed back to get to the front of the aircraft. Checked in at the hotel and then onto the new venue for Club Alert. Although smaller than before we had a better time.


Saturday 16th February

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Saturday 16th February


Started our search for a replacement of Colin’s laptop which is slowly dying. Had to rule out a tower pc as the cheap ones don’t have wifi. So tomorrow we will be looking for a new laptop.


Continued our “mattress run” by checking in at the Hampton by Hilton, about 200 metres from our flat!


Pleasant and efficient welcome. Although we had a pre-paid booking, they hadn’t actually taken the money which was a bit confusing. Top floor room with not much of view (not really surprising as this is Croydon!). Room was small but clean. Wifi worked quite well. I found the bed was comfortable but the size of the room meant it would not have been a pleasant stay for more than one night. We were continually getting in each other’s way.  Breakfast was what you’d expect: not spectacular but nothing wrong with it, although the eating area was quite small so people were overflowing into the main reception and bar to have breakfast. The information booklet in the room did not really have any truly local transport information – it only mentions East Croydon (just up the road) and Heathrow and Gatwick airports. What about West Croydon, the trams and local buses? Hotel is in a good location to get to central London and a short walk from the shops of Croydon.


Hilton @ LGW

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Although our flight on Sunday wasn’t particularly early we decided to spend the previous night at the Hilton at LGW. Upgraded to an executive lounge we went shopping for some food in the airport and then hit the lounge for the Saturday evening free drinks. The lounge at this hotel is not particularly impressive, nor is its range of nibbles. Although we had an executive room we didn’t get bathrobes which is unusual.

Madrid – Hilton at the airport

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Second time here. Service was absolutely excellent. Check-in was great. The information to get to the metro was spot-on. In the lounge the lady on duty couldn’t do more, even though the Americans could have gone online and answered their own questions. They are so lazy. Because they are in  a Hilton Hotel they assume they are in America. No, you are abroad. For an airport hotel this is top-notch.

Other pics can be found here

Second Hilton this weekend – better service

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Crossed the Pennines by train to check into the Hilton in Sheffield. A bit out of the way and in a brand new part of town compared to when I was at university here. Not happy that our room wasn’t ready but they gave us a voucher for the bar and after a drink we checked into our comfortable rooms. The extra pillows we had ordered were there as well as a nice welcome gift of chocolate and cream:

Although the city centre has changed considerably the university is not that much different, apart from the students’ union which has been transformed. Pics here. The Supertram certainly wasn’t even thought of in my day but it took us smoothly to Meadowhall a mini-city of entertainment, shopping and restaurants. Back in the hotel we settled down for a quiet evening in the hotel with some wine.

TD at the Hilton Sheffield

How difficult is it to get a late checkout?

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Before breakfast at the Doubletree by Hilton in Manchester I asked for a late check-out (to which I am entitled). The young man behind the counter immediately switched on his “can do” attitude. Not. You can have until one pm after which there is a charge. He hadn’t even checked my room number at this stage, never mind my status. I advised him I was diamond member and therefore entitled to the extension. He just repeated the same mantra. Eventually he consulted with a colleague who grudgingly accepted that I was due the late checkout. No apology. They made it worse by saying the hotel was full that night. Not according to their own website which was still offering rooms.

Friday night to Manchester

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Good old BA from LHR-MAN. Having seen Patrick Stewart in the first class lounge I thought I would see how the plebs eat and drink so went upstairs to the commoners’ lounge. I was pleasantly surprised – jacket potatoes and beans! Smaller red wine glasses though 🙁

Being silver may not be so bad!

Got told off for getting in the wrong taxi at the airport. Apparently you have to be told which taxi to take by Mr Jobsworth. Checked in at the Doubletree by Hilton. Does it take much for them to know that we have been there several times before?