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Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Check-in for the 0620 flight to Madrid had dedicated desks which opened early at 04:30. No queue and then headed for fast track security. Although the fast track gates were open there wasn’t a fast track security lane but at that time of the morning it didn’t matter and we soon trekking to the first class lounge. Interesting to note that they have Heineken on draft on the main wine counter near the eating area. Hot breakfast accompanied by a glass of fizz.

Boarding was efficient with some chancers being turned back from the priority boarding queue. It was a 767 and we were in seats 9a and 9b which is immediately in front of the exit so when we arrived we were first off. Breakfast was a croissant but as I had eaten in the lounge it didn’t matter. At MAD we managed the obstacle course that is the transfer from 4s to the main 4 terminal via passport control, security and the shuttle and managed to squeeze in an hour in the lounge which is not our favourite one at MAD but is decent enough. The one thing that does annoy me is the thirty minute limit on the wifi. Yes, I can go and get another voucher and yes it is a first world issue but does seem a waste. Better than Malaga I suppose where you only get 15 minutes in total.

Boarding onto the Iberia Express flight to Gran Canaria was surprisingly civilised and well managed so we were first on again and settled into our emergency exit seats. Crew were good but seemed to take ages to start the service. Are they not incentivised to sell as much as possible like the orange LCC and others? Arrived a little early and we disembarked to the luggage reclaim where, miracles do occur, our four priority tagged cases all came off early on.


Saturday 23rd February

Monday, February 25th, 2013

BA disorganised at MAN – an earlier flight had a big delay so all the check-in staff were being used to rebook passengers onto later flights, including ours. It therefore took a long time to check in. Eventually flew back to Heathrow (en route the CSM used her Ipad all the way though take off and landing)  and took the pod to the business parking (just as a treat!). Then onto the Hilton at Newbury (North) where an efficient but not welcoming receptionist checked us in. Room had been refurbished to a good standard but this made the unrefurbished bathroom stand out somewhat. Out to the local Toby carvery and back to the room for a lazy night in. The same receptionist checked us out with the same display of happiness.

Friday 22nd February

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Second attempt this year to get Manchester after the first was affected by snow and we landed back at Gatwick. Flight was a bit late but not too bad, although there were some quite obnoxious passengers on board who, on landing pushed people out of their way to get their luggage and then pushed back to get to the front of the aircraft. Checked in at the hotel and then onto the new venue for Club Alert. Although smaller than before we had a better time.


Salzburg – Day Three

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Sunday 9th September

 After breakfast we set off to return the airport but en route we visited the local museum where The Flying Bulls  have a museum (free!). A good way to waste an hour before checking in at the airport. BA don’t have a lounge here so C and I were given a €10 voucher each for drinks which we spent on the open air terrace overlooking the runway.


When we saw the BA plane arrive we went through security and, after buying some vodka, walked onto the bus to be transported to the airplane. As on the outward journey I was greeted by my name. At LGW I left C to take H back to Glasgow and headed home to sort out my photos from the weekend.


Museum and airport pics

Salzburg Day One

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Early to the airport, fast track security and on to the British Airways first class lounge for poached eggs and beans and toast washed down by Buck’s Fizz. As we were taking the f-in-law (“H”) on the trip and he is a bit slower than us we left the lounge early as the screen was displaying gate 112 which is a long walk away, over the air bridge. However, once we got there it was apparent that we were at the wrong gate so had to return to the main terminal building where the gate was a rarely used one, requiring us to board a bus. Although we were fine in our seats, the passengers with boarding passes for seats 7B and 8B were a little concerned about the size of their seats, which were very small as they were still configured for a flight in Club class. The engineer was summoned and after an uneventful flight we arrived in Salzburg and picked up the hire car (a small Fiat 500) and, thanks to Tomtom (surviing being dropped by H, twice),  safely arrived at the hotel LINK . We agree with the f-in-law that we would unpack and meet in reception at 3pm to go into town. At about ten past three we went to collect him – he hadn’t put his watch forward so thought we were meeting an hour later! To avoid a 20 minute walk we took the local bus into town and walked through the Mirabell Gardens (cue the music to do-re-mi). Salzburg is even more beautiful than I remembered and even H seemed impressed. We ambled through the old town, past the house where Mozart was born (there is now a Spar supermarket in the ground floor) and up to the cathedral and then to the lift up to the castle. Entry is no longer free and you have to pay €11 to go up and come down (although this includes a visit to the museum). We decided against that and wandered back through the town along Getreidegasse where a new duck joined the family.


Onwards to the other hill where, eventually, we located the lift up that hill (at a fraction of the cost). On top there is an open-air bar with fantastic views over the old town towards the castle:


Back down the hill we returned to a restaurant we had spotted earlier: a mixture of Italian and Indian restaurant which appears to be a common offering in Salzburg. Bus back to the hotel and time for bed.

Pics of the day here


Glasgow (28th July)

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Changed trains in Glasgow to get the local service to Bellshill where Colin’s father picked us up and we went for a fish supper before going to the hotel (Hilton) for a quick freshen up before heading out again to Harry’s bowling club, the venue for Andrew’s 50th birthday party.

 TD at Andrew’s 50th

Standard Scottish good time had by all. The next morning, after breakfast we went for a walk in Strathclyde country park followed by lunch at the Toby carvery. Flight back was cancelled and our replacement flight to LHR was delayed so we ended up having to get a black cab from LHR to Croydon, courtesy of BA.

Pam Ann is back in London!

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Pam Ann’s back in town with a new show: You f’coffee? As usual the audience was mostly gay, working in the travel industry or both. Although I enjoyed the evening I don’t think it was Pam at her best. She seems to have dropped a lot of the set scenes and seems to be adlibbing more, albeit there were certain parts where she did stick to the script. She’s appearing at the Bloomsbury – near Euston station with plenty of leg room too, well at least in business class. Excellent digs at Virgin crew (ejaculating at Gatwick recently), horsey jokes about BA staff and Riverdance antics at the mention of Ryanscare. She’s been better but still worth a visit.

Here we go again….

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Another attempt at a log by me, Travelduck. Flew back from TXL (Berlin – Tegel Airport) last night. Pics here Although I like the British Airways lounge, I don’t like the fact that it is landside so you have to be careful about leaving it too late. Before the lounge though I checked my bag in and, despite not travelling in Club, the nice lady stuck a “priority” tag on the case. Even more pleasing, it worked at the other end in T5 at LHR as my bag was out first (well nearly!). What didn’t work, though, was London transport to get us home. The bus was late, but so was the train we wanted to catch but that was a slow train and when we finally arrived at Clapham Junction to get the train to East Croydon there was not a train for quite a while and when it did arrive we had no chance of getting on! All because of the marathon. If this is what London is going to be like during the Olympics I am not going to be happy.