Check-in for the 0620 flight to Madrid had dedicated desks which opened early at 04:30. No queue and then headed for fast track security. Although the fast track gates were open there wasn’t a fast track security lane but at that time of the morning it didn’t matter and we soon trekking to the first class lounge. Interesting to note that they have Heineken on draft on the main wine counter near the eating area. Hot breakfast accompanied by a glass of fizz.

Boarding was efficient with some chancers being turned back from the priority boarding queue. It was a 767 and we were in seats 9a and 9b which is immediately in front of the exit so when we arrived we were first off. Breakfast was a croissant but as I had eaten in the lounge it didn’t matter. At MAD we managed the obstacle course that is the transfer from 4s to the main 4 terminal via passport control, security and the shuttle and managed to squeeze in an hour in the lounge which is not our favourite one at MAD but is decent enough. The one thing that does annoy me is the thirty minute limit on the wifi. Yes, I can go and get another voucher and yes it is a first world issue but does seem a waste. Better than Malaga I suppose where you only get 15 minutes in total.

Boarding onto the Iberia Express flight to Gran Canaria was surprisingly civilised and well managed so we were first on again and settled into our emergency exit seats. Crew were good but seemed to take ages to start the service. Are they not incentivised to sell as much as possible like the orange LCC and others? Arrived a little early and we disembarked to the luggage reclaim where, miracles do occur, our four priority tagged cases all came off early on.


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