Sunday 28th October

munich-46.JPGAwoke to find the city covered in snow. After breakfast (had to sign again), this time in the bar where the table hadn’t been set properly (no milk, salt etc). Coffee was left on the bar and was cold. Out to the Olympic park and up the TV tower there. Decided against finding a Maredo for lunch, agreeing to eat at the airport instead (wrong move). At checkout they correctly removed the internet charges but incorrectly tried to charge us for eight breakfasts. After much discussing and photocopying of our confirmations the breakfasts were also removed. All this made me think we hadn’t been allocated the rooms we had paid for and were actually upgraded to the rooms we had paid for; all conjecture on my part though. This with the poor breakfast and location gives the hotel 3/5 on Tripadviser. Rather than take the U-Bahn into town and then the S-Bahn out of town to the airport we decided to try a different route: bus to an S-Bahn station en route to the airport. Not a bad choice even though we just missed a train and had to wait about 20 minutes. At the airport check-in was open (we were very early!) and lady was polite and efficient and we were soon in the queue for security. Although the queue was not long it did seem to take forever and my bags had to go through the machine twice. Only then did we realise we had made the wrong decision about lunch. We were in a small “terminal” which is part of the main terminal and had one small café. I fancied the Wiener Schnitzel but not the price (€13) so opted for a panini, seemingly made of cardboard. We soon moved to the BA lounge which is quite large (but did get busy) with very friendly staff. Fortunately there was a decent food selection (sandwiches, hot snacks etc).


Went to board exactly at the right time – we were first on. Flight was delayed because of de-icing and just as we entered the runway to take off we stopped – some sort of incident with an incoming plane – details are hazy. Food was a Hoisin Duck Wrap. On arrival an announcement were made that people travelling to GLA would be met off the plane – they were given “fast track” tickets to get through Flight Connections in time for their onward flight. Trains from Feltham to Waterloo were being diverted so we went by tube instead.



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