Salzburg – Day Two

Saturday 8th September

Today, H was early as he had forgotten what time we were supposed to be meeting. Tonight he will be issued with a written note of  tomorrow’s itinerary! Breakfast was, on the whole,  good but noisy (Spaniards). Sometimes, however, it took the staff a long time to replenish food that been scoffed. Today we headed south from Salzburg into Germany, which is strange but true. Main destination was the historic Eagle’s Nest (Hitler’s summer residence). This involved a drive half-way up a mountain followed by a bus ride the rest of the way to the top (the road is narrow so only the buses can use it and only to a strict timetable as there is only one place where they can pass). Getting out of the bus we chose our time to return and then entered a dark tunnel to wait for a lift into which they crammed 30+ of us for the final stage of the journey to the summit, where there are fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and a great café for relaxing.

salzburg-2012-92.JPGsalzburg-2012-96.JPG salzburg-2012-93.JPG

Driving back down the hill we heard a tremendous screaching and then C noticed in the rear-view mirror that a motor-bike rider had come off. Following German law, we stopped the car, told H to stay where he was and walked back to see if we could help. By the time we got there several other people had also stopped so our assistance was not required. Obedient as usual, H had got out of the car so we bundled him back in and resumed the next stage of our journey to the Königssee, a lake in the middle of the nearby national park with more stunning scenery.


The long queues for the trip on the lake were worth it, especially to experience the echo off the rocks (a crew member just happened to have his trumpet with him). Back on terra firma we didn’t have time for the nearby Jennerbahn and so returned to Salzburg. Too tired to go back into town we settled on a local café and had a pleasant meal outside.

Eagle’s Nest pics

Königssee pics

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