Tower Of London

How much? Although a full-price adult ticket seems expensive you’d be silly to pay that much. If you travel there by rail (including a annual season ticket) you can get 2 for the price of 1 tickets and there are other offers online too if you search. As it was a Saturday morning we decided to get there as it opened and looking at the queues as we left it was a good plan.

 To be honest even if we had paid the full price it would have been worth it.It’s much bigger than it looks on the outside and there is plenty to see including, of course, the crown jewels and other exhibitions. The only disappointing part is the exhibition about wild animals that have lived in the Tower over the years, including the polar bear who was tied by a long rope so he could swim in the Thames. The whole thing looks like it was designed and built by school children in the 1950s and hasn’t been changed since.

 A good trip out

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