A short flight to Brussels followed by a train journey of similar duration lands you in Antwerp. This was to be a two-hotel weekend, the first night spent in the Express by Holiday Inn where the service is good and the rooms spacious and clean. It’s also near The Boots. As it was Antwerp Pride weekend they had changed their normal agenda and moved their main fetsih night to outside town, so the club itself was quiet (and it was a sports night, not my favourite, although, for future reference you can actually wear what you like).


After breakfast we packed, checked out and walked to our next hotel in the centre of town: The Hilton is on Groenplats, one of the main (and prettiest) Antwerp squares. Even though we were early our room was ready and we had already been upgraded to the Executive floor where we found our massive room. Shortly after arrival a knock at the door announced the arrival of a member of staff to check we had settled in ok.

TD at Hilton, Antwerp


After a short rest we ventured out to experience Antwerp Pride. The parade goes along the waterfront and although it was short compare to the likes of Berlin and London (there were sixteen floats) it was good fun, and much more relaxed than it more established counterparts. For example, in Berlin the parade was headed up by lots (and I mean lots) of police in armoured vans. In Antwerp there were two motorcycle outriders and a cop on a bicycle!


Back at the hotel we made use of the free drinks in the executive lounge before heading out for a mexican meal and then back to the hotel for an early night.


On the flight back the next day the purser, armed with his Ipad came to us both and checked we were ok and whether we needed anything else. He got a “well done” on


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