After a fine breakfast at the Hilton Madrid Airport we checked out, took the shuttle and checked in at MAD. Surprised to notice the words “fast track” on our boarding pass as we hadn’t know such a facility existed. Fortunately it does and we were soon through security and off to the Iberia business lounge. Flight was delayed and the boarding was as chaotic as usual. There is a little point in announcing they are boarding by seat row number if they fail to enforce it. It soon became apparent there were some unusual people on board and not just those heading to Pride. For a Spanish internal flight the average height of young men was significantly higher than usual. It turns out that the Gran Canaria basketball team were on board! No drinks on board today as we had a hire car to pick and on Iberia you have to pay if in cattle class!  At LPA we collected our luggage after not too long a wait and headed out to collect the hire car, which was nicely blocked in by two cars. Whilst the better half (hereinafter known as TBH) went off to fine someone to help I waited by the luggage. I then noticed a car rental chap, explained the situation in my halting Spanish and he promptly pushed one car one way, the other car the other way to reveal a gap to drive the car out!

Drove down to Playa del Ingles to pick up the two straights in the group and went to the villa. This was the uncertain bit as the normal villa we have was already booked so we took this one two doors’ down. Very different to the first one but pleasing nonetheless. Quick disco nap and then prepared to go out.

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