Gran Canaria via Madrid – why not direct?

The obvious way to get to Gran Canaria is direct from London, e.g. easyJet which was our regular means of getting there. However, I have now given up on that route, until easyJet introduce allocated seating (they are trialling it at the moment on some routes). For me the stress of running through the airport to get to the front of the queue is now too much; I don’t need it when going on holiday. Half the flight now buys speedy boarding making it a mockery and a total lottery. Although once on board the experience isn’t too bad it’s still not worth it for me. And it’s not always cheaper once you’ve paid for speedy boarding, luggage (no more than 20kgs) etc. Bring back GB Airways, a BA wholly owned subsidiary that flew to GC direct from Gatwick. Great experiences with them. In the meantime, we now fly to Madrid (this time staying for a couple of nights) and then onwards to GC. OK, luggage doesn’t always keep up with us but flying back with no overnight stop we will have about 4 hours in Madrid airport so hopefully the luggage won’t be delayed.

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