Fellow passenger annoyed me

I’m used to fellow passengers switching on phones before they should (I no longer throw a strop and chuck their phone into a vat of acid) and doing other stupid things but when they blatently lie to cabin crew, that’s another matter. As a gold card holder I boarded early and as  I settled into my seat in the front row I noticed that a lady (?) on the other side of the plane, but also in the front row, had dumped her hand luggage and coat in front of her feet – a no-no in the front as the floor area had to be kept free of luggage. She made no attempt to to ask crew to help her but when they did the check before take off she claimed that when she boarded there was no space available in the lockers! She was obviously extracting the you-know-what so the crew had to find space for her case in the wardrobe. It wasn’t even as if she didn’t have hold luggage  – she did. Ignorant mooing animal.

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