Here we go again….

Another attempt at a log by me, Travelduck. Flew back from TXL (Berlin – Tegel Airport) last night. Pics here Although I like the British Airways lounge, I don’t like the fact that it is landside so you have to be careful about leaving it too late. Before the lounge though I checked my bag in and, despite not travelling in Club, the nice lady stuck a “priority” tag on the case. Even more pleasing, it worked at the other end in T5 at LHR as my bag was out first (well nearly!). What didn’t work, though, was London transport to get us home. The bus was late, but so was the train we wanted to catch but that was a slow train and when we finally arrived at Clapham Junction to get the train to East Croydon there was not a train for quite a while and when it did arrive we had no chance of getting on! All because of the marathon. If this is what London is going to be like during the Olympics I am not going to be happy.

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